About ——

Adisttion ic components business is a spot supply chain enterprise specializing in semiconductor agency and distribution. It has two branches and overseas offices. The company embraces the opportunities brought by the progress of the times and has been deeply cultivating IC chips for more than 20 years on the path of independent innovation. Our products cover application fields such as consumer electronics, smart homes, industrial control, communication, healthcare, automotive electronics, instruments, and security. We always adhere to the quality concept of every chip coming from the original factory and authorized channels, and have passed the ISO9001 quality management system and SGS international certification. At home and abroad, the company has over 8000 advantageous spot inventory, and has vigorously promoted and attracted attention on major international internet B2B platforms. It has a wide influence and reputation, and has obtained advanced certification from Huaqiang Electronic Network Original Spot and IC Trading Network ICCP, becoming a member of the Semiconductor Association. In order to efficiently meet the needs of customers for various materials, from conventional, off the shelf, to discontinued material numbers, we have established a comprehensive digital procurement network information platform to provide one-stop services for domestic and foreign OEMs, ODMs, EMS, PCBA, DESIGNIN!


The company has a large number of models in stock for a long time, and has established good cooperative relationships with manufacturers and sales agencies in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. The supply of goods is stable and complete, and there is a professional import and export center in Hong Kong. We have a clear advantage in controlling global procurement channels and international supply channels. The company is mainly focused on the domestic market and has business operations all over the world. To meet the needs of customers, an experienced sales, technical, and management team has been established to provide comprehensive supporting services and continuously improve service quality. The company sincerely hopes to work together with our customers on the basis of advantageous prices, high-quality products, credit, contract compliance, quality assurance, and achieving mutual benefit, sharing, cooperation, and win-win situation! We will keep up with the times, rely on professional technology, guide market demand, and strive to develop e-commerce.

Culture ——

We advocate a united and collaborative work relationship. We firmly believe that only by working together and at a unified pace can the team move forward courageously. Therefore, excellent cooperation spirit and good communication skills are the top standards for us to choose people. Our team has a group of vibrant young talents, not only in terms of education and qualifications, but also in terms of performance, which is the source of our vitality.

We believe that the core values of "fairness, professionalism" can serve as guidance in both work and life, and provide a direction for future elites who join this team to move forward and strive.

sales exceeding 50 million
AAA quality, service, and integrity
Our business has entered a period of rap
Established and located in HongKong